The Australian Centre for Student Equity and Success acknowledges Indigenous peoples as the Traditional Owners of the lands on which our campuses are situated. With a history spanning 60,000 years as the original educators, Indigenous peoples hold a unique place in Australia. We recognise the importance of their knowledge and culture, and reflect the principles of participation, equity, and cultural respect in our work. We pay our respects to Elders past, present, and future, and consider it an honour to learn from our Indigenous colleagues, partners, and friends.

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Indigenous university pathways, WIL and the strengthening of aspirations: Robbie’s journey as a learner
A case study documenting the transition of one Indigenous student, Robbie, from an underprivileged school located in the Western suburbs of Sydney to an urban Australian university.
Counting on Indigenous accountants: Collaborative curriculum development for an Indigenous pre-accounting enabling program
With less than 100 Indigenous accountants in Australia there is underrepresentation of the Indigenous population in the profession.
‘I don’t understand it’: First in family graduates recognising and mobilising capitals for employment
This article explores how employability was experienced and enacted by First-in-Family participants.
Parental expectations of children’s higher education participation in Australia
British Educational Research Journal article examines the role of parental expectations on children's higher education participation.
The relational navigator: a pedagogical reframing of widening educational participation for care-experienced young people
This article aims to reframe WP away from deficit discourses through recognition of the systemic, structural and cultural inequalities that most CEYP must navigate to access formal education.
The Best Chance For All: A Policy Roadmap for Post-Pandemic Panic
COVID-19 has exacerbated issues that the 'Best Chance for All' policy statement sought to address and has increased demands on, and of, tertiary education.
Should I stay or should I go? The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on regional, rural and remote undergraduate students at an Australian University
Article draws on intersectional theory and interview data to understand experiences, challenges and choice-making processes of students during COVID-19.
“A Stepping Stone That Just Pushed Me Further Into Wanting to Go to University”: Student Perspectives on ‘What Works’ for Effective Outreach Strategies for Indigenous Students
As part of a NCSEHE Fellowship, this paper identifies what works and what areas to strengthen in Indigenous outreach programs.
“Shining a Light” on Mature-Aged Students In, and From, Regional and Remote Australia
This article shines a light on a little-known cohort of higher education participants, mature-aged students in, and from, regional and remote Australia.
Aspiring to higher education in regional and remote Australia: the diverse emotional and material realities shaping young people’s futures
Applying the theoretical lens of ‘doxic’ and ‘habituated’ aspirations, this paper analyses interviews with 13 students, 10 parents/carers, and 4 teachers from one regional and one remote community in NSW, Australia.
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The Critical Interventions Framework Part 3 (CIF 3) focuses on evaluative studies which provide details of the impacts of specific interventions on equity groups in relation to access to and success in higher education.
A case study documenting the transition of one Indigenous student, Robbie, from an underprivileged school located in the Western suburbs of Sydney to an urban Australian university.