The Australian Centre for Student Equity and Success acknowledges Indigenous peoples as the Traditional Owners of the lands on which our campuses are situated. With a history spanning 60,000 years as the original educators, Indigenous peoples hold a unique place in Australia. We recognise the importance of their knowledge and culture, and reflect the principles of participation, equity, and cultural respect in our work. We pay our respects to Elders past, present, and future, and consider it an honour to learn from our Indigenous colleagues, partners, and friends.

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Best Practice in Supporting Indigenous Students with Disability in Higher Education
The purpose of the report is to provide an understanding of the numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with disability in Australian higher education and the support they currently receive. Further, the report provides a series of recommendations for good-practice in supporting this group of students based on a review of the literature and an understanding of current support practices in the higher education sector.
Eyes on the future: The impact of a university campus experience day on students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds
The current article reports on two survey studies investigating the effectiveness of the UC 4 Yourself experience day program. Students who participated in the program were more likely to plan to attend university and were better able to imagine themselves as university students after their campus visit.
The private rate of return to a university degree in Australia
This article presents estimates of the private monetary benefits in Australia associated with the completion of Bachelor degrees for a range of fields of study under a range of different assumptions. The results are calculated on varying assumptions which provide evidence of the robustness of the conclusions. Finally, implications for policy, such as university financing and increases in university places, are discussed.
Diversity and student performance in higher education
Research indicates that students admitted to university on a basis other than Year 12 are less likely to complete a higher education course than school leavers. This paper analyses administrative data for a cohort of students admitted to first year undergraduate programs in an Australian university, to investigate the academic progression and retention of students from diverse educational backgrounds.