The Australian Centre for Student Equity and Success acknowledges Indigenous peoples as the Traditional Owners of the lands on which our campuses are situated. With a history spanning 60,000 years as the original educators, Indigenous peoples hold a unique place in Australia. We recognise the importance of their knowledge and culture, and reflect the principles of participation, equity, and cultural respect in our work. We pay our respects to Elders past, present, and future, and consider it an honour to learn from our Indigenous colleagues, partners, and friends.

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Attainment/transition out

Attainment/transition out
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Indigenous students' journeys to and through allied healthcare programs
This NCSEHE Equity Fellowship study investigated the national profile of Indigenous students enrolled in select higher education and vocational education allied healthcare study, as well as the institutional factors linked with success in access and retention.
Informing Policy and Practice V
The fifth volume in the Informing Policy and Practice series collates 21 reports from the NCSEHE Student Equity in Higher Education Research Grants and Equity Fellows Programs.
Interrogating relationships between student support initiatives and Indigenous student progression
This NCSEHE-funded research investigated the enrolment-completion gap and questioned what supports are available to Indigenous undergraduate students, and how likely they are to access them.
Supporting rural, mature-aged nursing & allied health students: An interdisciplinary collaboration to build the rural health workforce
Research finds greater university and broad scale support is needed in attracting, supporting and retaining rural, mature-aged nursing and allied health students.
Supporting careers of LGBTQIA+ students in Australian universities
This report found, despite large numbers of LGBTQIA+ students in higher education in Australia, this cohort has been historically excluded from existing defined equity cohorts. Currently, little is known about how LGBTQIA+ individuals in universities are being supported to achieve better career outcomes.
Building the evidence to improve completion rates for Indigenous students
This NCSEHE-funded research shows, while the number of Indigenous students participating in higher education continues to grow, Indigenous student completion rates remain very low relative to non-Indigenous students.
Meaningful jobs for students with disability: From luck to business as usual
This major study by NCSEHE Equity Fellow David Eckstein highlighted opportunities and barriers in career support for university students with disability.
A balancing act: supporting students who are parents to succeed in Australian higher education
This NCSEHE-funded project sought to address the gap and establish the first major evidential base of student parents in Australian higher education.
Career Guidance for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Migrants and/or Refugees
This NCSEHE funded research finds that, while a significant proportion of funding is allocated to university access for domestic Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Migrants and/or Refugees (CALDM/R), dedicated career guidance and supports could be better resourced.
‘You going to uni?’ Exploring how people from regional, rural and remote areas navigate into and through higher education
Dr Janine Delahunty's 2020 NCSEHE Equity Fellowship report recommends engaging and supporting students from RRR areas to identify their strengths and hopes for the future and communicate their challenges to improve educational outcomes.